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The KUNSTHELDEN (heroes of art)

The KUNSTHELDEN are dedicated to consulting, project management, marketing management and art & culture.

The KUNSTHELDEN were founded as an association in autumn 2014. The association was reconstituted on the 15th of August and brought into a new form starting with the definition of a new team set-up and by broadening the field of engagement. Subsequently on the 1rst of July in 2017, the general partnership KUNSTHELDEN was formed by opening its commercial leg based on Swiss law. serves as a multi-seller online shop for designers and artists, which commit their work to extraordinary wood creations. The shop is being planned for go-live in September 2017.


Our Philosophy

The purpose of the online shop HOLZHELD.CH is the sales and marketing of design and cultural products mainly from small businesses and cultural institutions.

The products, which are distributed in the shop, are dedicated to trends, uniqueness and shall arouse the interest of design and art art lovers. The products advertised can be small or big but need to characterize and reflect deeply the sense of design and / or cultural goods. Mere every day products, as provided by some other online shops, are not in the focus of this project.

The personally selected, carefully drafted and regionally crafted products in this online shop are of value especially for art and design lovers, but also for the ones looking for the something special not being satisfied with products for the masses.


Our Team

Currently the team is being formed by Alexandra Steiner and Priska Reinhard.


Contact as well as additional Information

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